La Capitol Federal Credit Union

Siegen Lane Branch

In 2014, La Capitol Federal Credit Union came to Labarre Associates to create a new design for a prototype branch. This prototype was designed and built concurrently in Metairie, LA and Baton Rouge, LA.

Project Designer & Manager: Phillip Kern

Baton Rouge, LA
Real Estate
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La Capitol has worked with Labarre Associates for Real Estate, Architecture, Construction, and Maintenance Services on numerous projects across the state of Louisiana since 2010. Their holistic approach to tackling our facility related challenges has helped us to save time and money.

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Bert M. Callendar

VP Facility Planning and Control / LA Capital Federal Credit Union

Partnering with the best in Baton Rouge

La Capital Federal CU wanted a remote teller type branch with a retail feel to the lobby using their corporate brand and designed with tight budget concerns in mind. Labarre Architects teamed up with partner CDI Solutions to create this new type of branch.